Saturday, July 25, 2009


Anyone interested to become Reseller for Korea Geo Lens can directly click to my blogshop or just email me
Geo Lens is very well profit bussiness nowadays and even myself into it.
How did it started?
Fyi, i do really love shopping and even online shopping.
Im proud to admit it ;P
Actually, i had been eyeing on to wear contact lens ( eventhough I have good eyesight!)but i found that contact lens at optical store really expensive and it can last til 3months only.
Since im not a frequent user, i thought that it is really wasted.Then, i start to window-ing online shopping on contact lens.
Owh ya, before i continue with my story, i really admired those kawaii and ulzzang face of Japanese and Korean with their big beautiful eyes!
Did anyone know their eyes lens are not real with that glue stick on their eye lids???
Yeah!!Thats inspired me to have those kind eyes too - without putting the glue on my eyelids =.='
First time i saw the Geo lens, aha! i know these lens are those ulzzang use where you can see their everywhere cuteness pics posted on net!
But at that time, i did not bought it cuz the seller sold really expensive which is USD30 and above compare to mine ~ 17USD!
As a smarter shopper ;) i shouldn't buy it if i can find more cheaper price from other seller.
and now, me myself also one of the seller, i offer you all the cheapest price with the same genuine brand Geo Lens!
Happy Shopping everyone and don't forget to view my blogshop ;)

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