Saturday, December 20, 2008

Japanese+English = Japlish

1. Beware of cheese!

2. Wow!Japan can make water???

3. Err..anyone can tell me where is the toilet, please??

4.I guess in Japan, there is a male not man ;P

5. A tissue machine

5. Jumping at elevator = In jail ???

6. i know they have an erection party not an election party.

7. Should this room for baby's breastfeeding or a room tut tut...

8. The simplest way is "NO SMOKING".

9. Horny care, anyone???

10. We want low price not high price.

11. A drinks in a magazine place???

12. OMG! It is so dangerous when its not "SOLD OUT".

13. New item on sale!!!

14. This is a company you looking for!


Gnet said...

hallo dear
just found out abt ur blog. teehee
i'll link u up. :)

XXjenniferXX said...

okie dokie ;)
i will link u 2!!