Monday, December 1, 2008

december..a busy month???

ops..didnt realise its december oredi..well..its mean da year is comin 2 end lets prepare 4 our new year 2009!wee~~ ^^
december...hmm...i guez will b alot events happen in diz month...100th days wif my bunny (2nd dec) ;) , my befday is comin soon (5th) , raya haji (8th), visiting my grandma ( on plannin ) , xmas (25th), registration new sem ( err...26th ??)..last not year party!owh yeah~~
looks like i will b busy diz month rite?gud!at least i got sumthin 2 kil da boredom i have in diz hols! shud i b hepi or sigh??hmm...will b noe soon after goin tru all those lookin 4ward 2 all diz events! ;)
since diz will b da last month of year 2008...i least..leave some sweet memorables in my life...who gonna want 2 remmember da scar of life they have??gee..its much more better 2 flashback all those sweet things since dat moment can make us smile til da rest of our life ;)
err...okay..i feel weird rite now...why im bloggin all those positive things n givin some advices rite now??*gulp* ;P juz sharing wut in my opinion..xpressing my i deal it..n how im gonna..err mad like f**kin hell if im really pissed off??haha!
hmm..i think i wanna blog bout a life tale of bitch..or shud i say bitches???since nowadays 2 many bitches..lolz!!;PPP
yeah...b comin soon dat blog post...juz wait k..

p/s : nasfia binti ali..aku mok ngerepak psl bitch2 ya...mun boleh ku post kan their naked pix cruel+evil me la!!;PP

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