Wednesday, November 19, 2008

tRiviA 0f mE

  • Jennifer…universal name jeyu..but different ppl different name they called me…hehe~~
  • bOrn oN 5th Dec 1988..coming soon..i lurRRveee presents+ surprises !! ;]
  • I only hv 2 siblings..they r krazy+annoying bro…but we luv each other!*giggling*
  • Im a PINK LOVER!!!but I can into kalerful things vy well~
  • I believe in Jesus Christ and put all my faith in God..Amen!
  • muSic is mY lifeenjoyin all genre of music = universal Listener..hoho~~
  • when im fRustrated, I grab all da f00ds n eat it!
  • When in saD, im crying 2 let it out t.t
  • When im hepi, Im burst out laugh uncontrolled…HAHA!!!
  • 2 things I need when I go 2 bed…my bantal bucuk+ kartun2 comforter..;P
  • Im appreciate all my fwenship eventho we seldom keep in touch..luv u’ll fwens! ;)
  • I lurve beach so much!!!so u hv a chance 2 see me in bikini..yikes!;X
  • Vennice,Italy is my dream vacation..a flooded city..hehhe
  • How I wish im dat lucky gal 2 hv a bf like in vd music clip T.I whatever you like ;PPP
  • When I hv a boyfwen…i wan him 2 b my bestfwen too!
  • I hate smokers…gee..we non smoker die first than da smoker itself!so…sTop smoking n live up healty life!! ;)
  • I luv takin pix!!!looking 4ward 2 hv da high tech digital camera..*winks*
  • addicted 2 teh tarik peng+milo peng+cola+vanilla ice cream+cheese cake
  • im a party gal n u can find me at da dancefloor…dancing hepily!;)))
  • keep on changing new hairstyle…blonde+hlite pink is comin soon..gee..i wonder how my look wif dat hairstyle..hehe
  • I can c00k vy well but not dat so good as professional chef!!
  • I might look like an arrogant gal…but hey! once u noe me, im a fwenly+easy goin k..;)
  • Karaoke til da speaker box xplode…I admit dat I dun hv nice voice..lolz!;PPP

Last but not least…no one is perfect neither me too…but I luv who I am n enjoyed being myself..cuz I believe everyone is unique in their way…^_^
Peace 2 u all..
Take care
God bless you..Amen!

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